If your customers complain about broken zips, we might have the solution.

Refunds and returns cost time and money

Even the most expensive zip is still vulnerable.  Things inevitably get caught. If its dark, you’re in a rush and a little impatient, the worst could happen.  The zip gets jammed, or worse still, breaks altogether.

Bad news travels fast

Manufacturers may never know the full extent of the problem caused by broken zips.  In our survey, 50% of consumers said they didn’t consider returning goods because of a broken zip.  However, they will tell others about the problem they had.

Would your customers appreciate the peace of mind that comes from a fastener that keeps on working?

The Ovalap® is robust, reliable and works like a zip!

A unique opportunity

Many products incorporate fasteners and for some of them, it is the weakest, most vulnerable part. The Ovalap is a system that can help delight customers and RipSeam invites you to work with us to develop a solution specifically for your products.

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