British product aims to end zip-related genital injury

British product aims to end zip-related genital injury

Ending zip-related penile entrapmentThe RipSeam fastener provides a safe solution for an estimated 450 men and boys who suffer zip-related genital injury every year across the UK.  These are just the cases the result in a visit to hospital.  The risk is eliminated for other, less serious, incidents that occur and are carefully dealt with by the sufferer.

Parents of boys

With so many things a parent has to worry about when raising boy children, the RipSeam fastener alleviates one major fear that arises when boys gain the independence to use toilets by themselves.  The potential for accidents to occur is enough to promote anxiety for parents.  And in the event of the fear being realised, the trauma that ensues can have a lasting effect on both the child and the parent.

The Solution – No teeth that bite

RipSeam are developing a solution that makes a welcome move away from interlocking teeth used in the zip that are prone to bite anything that gets in their way.  It therefore removes all risk of entrapment. Development of the product is well under-way.  RipSeam is a finalist in the Design Council #SparkInnovation project and with their support, the first products are due to become available in the Winter of 2015, initially designed to suit trousers for children and teenage boys. A sneak preview of an early prototype is available for view here.

Did it happen to you?

If you have first hand experience of the problem caused by zips with teeth that bite, let us know.  Whether you suffered or you are a parent of a child that had an accident, what were the circumstances and after effects?

Sid Edwards

Sid Edwards


The once active participant in the fast moving sport of Basketball attributes the origins of the RipSeam fastener to the needs of that game. The sport is played during the Winter months in the UK which means players need to wear track suits to keep warm when not on court but often need to be ready to enter the game at a moment’s notice. The seed of the idea was sewn in a cold gymnasium in East London.
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